The PASS QB rejuvenating seal is a proven and reliable pavement preservation tool to win the fight against de-investment of your roadway network. It is an important part of a strategy that extends the quality service life of newer asphalt pavements at minimal cost. Used by the largest agencies and DOTs, PASS QB emulsion is spray-applied to seal minor distress cracks, add new asphalt to the wearing course, and rejuvenate oxidized asphalt to prevent loss of surface rock and other forms of deterioration.



Quick return to traffic, FastSet is a highly polymerized cationic asphalt emulsion designed specially for fog seal and flush coat applications. Like the best high-performance flush coat products, FastSet locks and holds aggregate in place exceptionally well. However, FastSet stands alone in allowing vehicle traffic released back on the roadway within just 15 minutes of application! Eliminating the need for sanding, and reducing the hours required on the jobsite, FastSet is a time and labor solution for contractors and public agencies.



GSB-88 is an emulsified, gilsonite modified, pavement sealer and rejuvenator, and is one of the most environmentally sound pavement preservation products on the market. GSB-88 has a well-documented, 22 year history of performance, and its use is expanding tremendously nationwide. It has been thoroughly tested by groups such as the FAA, the United States Navy, and the Army Corp of Engineers. It is successfully utilized by cities, counties, states, contractors, and airfields around the world. Effective in both early stage and reactive late stage pavement preservation, it is the ideal product to fend off the aging process that starts immediately after construction is completed. GSB-88 is the best of both worlds. It offers the introduction and reintroduction of light fractions, as well as superior binding, coating, and protection that only GSB products can offer.


Sunlight, water, and air cause asphalt pavements to oxidize harden and crack – leading to their gradual deterioration and failure.   RhinoRoad protects against these natural enemies, and offers long-lasting protection and beauty to all types of asphalt pavements. RhinoRoad is a uniform emulsion of a specially selected acrylic co-polymer and a low aging-index asphalt in a cationic (positively charged) molecular formulation, which produces a faster set-time and stronger bond when compared to other sealer products.


RhinoRoad is recommended on all AC surfaces including slurry seals and micro-surfacing seals, parking lots, trailer parks and residential roads with speeds < 25 mph.